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About me

Martin Moucha - 120mm film autoportrait 08/2018

Hello there! I am Martin Moucha, landscape and sport photographer based in Turnov, Czech Republic. I like catchy colors, analog , sharpness and especially bokeh. Born in 90s, living in my dreams. I found myself in traveling and taking pictures. Still trying to be the best since 2007. Traveling and spending lot of time outdoors since 2015. Skateboarding was my bigest passion for 15 years. Totally fell in love with nature in Czech Paradise. My life totaly changed after spending 15 months in Calgary and Banff/Canada on Working Holiday visa. Shooting more for fun than for a money. Available for weddings, portraits, events, products. Contact me at

My Camera gear

Canon EOS 6D mark II

Key features:

  • 26mpix, battery up to 1300 shots
  • fast autofocus, many focus points
  • high dynamic contrast, nice colors
  • tilt screen, auto iso

Second camera: Canon M100+15-45mm

Prime lenses: 24mm, 50mm, 135mm.

Zoom lenses: 16-35mm, 70-300mm.

Accesories: Vanguard VEO 2, Canon 430 EXII

Other: Dji Mavic Air, iPhone 8

Martin Moucha - shooting near Canmore-canada 11/2017 Martin Moucha - stary night at Vermillion Lakes 08/2018


Martin Moucha - cruising in my second home Banff 08/2018


How old I am? Actualy I am 29 years old.
What program I am using for photo editing? Adobe Lightroom.
How long I am skating? 17 years.
What I did in Canada? Working and traveling on Working Holiday visa.
When did I started taking photos? 2007.

Martin Moucha - panorama Ridge 09/2018